Howdy, I’m Katy!

I’m a Filipina-Xicana Indígena-Deutsche girl trying to make my way around the world to connect with my different cultures and learn about the rest of ’em. I was raised in Germany and traveled much of Europe at a very young age. Since returning to live in the U.S. I have developed a sense of appreciation for the beautiful landscapes of America.

What is this blog about?

I work remotely full time as a “career environmentalist” at a non-profit based out of Washington DC (occupied Piscataway territory). I’m a little different from many other travel bloggers because I don’t get to travel full-time, but I’m ok with that. People get this idea that to travel means you have to quit your job, sell your possessions, and live like a nomad. It’s either that or nothing at all. But I don’t buy into that idea. I take every opportunity I can for an adventure, whether that’s across the world or in my own city. And as I’m learning, my job has many opportunities for travel, so I’m grateful for these opportunities as they arise!

My partner, Matthew, and I made a blind move to Durham, North Carolina (occupied Catawba territory) in October 2018. We had both called Texas home for the past 11 years, and desperately needed a change in scenery and careers. We love our new home and are looking forward to exploring this new area of the United States!

I started this blog after my Icelandic honeymoon adventure, when several of my friends were asking for advice about itineraries, etc. I started to write it all down here, and then for some reason, more people started reading. Before I knew it, this blog had taken off!

Along with travel, sustainability and environmental stewardship are my passions. When I was in college, my study abroad in Australia focused on eco-tourism and sustainable urban development, and it opened my eyes to the ways my passions could all come together. I regularly publish content on sustainable and responsible travel as well as zero waste living.

I hope to inspire others to explore the amazing world we live in. Anyone and everyone can travel, and I like to share budgeting tips and planning tools that will make your dreams of adventure come true.

In short, these are the things you will see me write and post about:

  • My adventures and life in general
  • Eco-conscious and ethical travel
  • Zero waste living
  • Ethical fashion
  • Social, racial, and environmental justice issues

Looking for something in particular?

Check out my “Where to?” menu to find index pages for each location I’ve blogged about. Otherwise, please feel free to email me at aroundtheworldinkatydays13@gmail.com if there’s anything, in particular, you’d like to know!