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My Favorites: Austin, Texas - Around the World in Katy Days

My Favorites: Austin, Texas

Welcome to the Live Music Capital of the World! And one of my favorite cities ever!

I always cringe a little bit when people say that Austin is “mostly known” and/or only good for its nightlife. There is soooo much more to the city!

It’s hard to narrow down a lot of these categories because there is so much in Austin! I haven’t been able to try the majority of the most famous food/dessert places, bars, shops, and other activities in the city, so here I listed the places that are tried and true to me.

Places to Eat

Franklin’s BBQI honestly think it’s overrated, but it would be very remiss of me not to include it here. People sit out for hours and hours to eat here, so get there before it opens, bring some fold out chairs, and plenty of entertainment if you plan on eating here.

Austin AlehouseI’ve probably eaten here more than any place in Austin. My best friend and I had a ritual of eating here before every concert and we actually made friends with the owner. My usual order is the market vegetable risotto with a Mexican martini. If you go during happy hour, a lot of their drinks and appetizers are half off.

Stubb’s BBQMy personal favorite BBQ place and my favorite concert venue in Austin, rolled into one. On Sundays they have Gospel Brunch, which is exactly as it sounds, where you can eat some amazing brunch buffet and listen to live gospel music. A very Austin take on Sundays in the Bible Belt.

Home Slice PizzaOne of my favorite pizza places in the world. Absolutely delicious. Not great for buying by the slice price wise, I would definitely recommend just going in for the whole pizza.

Torchy’s TacosIf you’re a Texan you’ve probably eaten at Torchy’s, but if you’re in Austin, stop by the original location. And order off the secret menu!

P.Terry’sAnother Austin original. Low prices. Great burgers. Even better milkshakes. Always great for an after concert snack!

Hopdoddy Burger BarPossibly the best/most famous burgers in town. But, always be sure to plan your visit carefully. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there is usually a loooong line to get in and order. So as long as you time your visit right, or just go during the week, you shouldn’t have to wait long. They sell the best milkshakes ever! Try a stout chocolate shake for dessert!

Food Trucks: Austin has the best food trucks. They’re not always the easiest to find, but this website comes in handy if you’re looking.


I’m not much of a drinker, but I do have some favorite bars in the city, and it would be wrong not to include them in a guide to Austin. And I’m also trying to do my civic duty as a [former] Austinite to try and guide people away from the mess that is “dirty 6th.”

Volstead LoungeThis is an interesting place. Classic vintage cocktail lounge meets dive bar meets old world New Orleans.

Cheer-Up CharliesGood music and good vibes. Lots of cool, unique events. Can’t ask for much else.

Shangri-LaBecause you never know when Bill Murray is gonna show up again and start bartending.

BarbarellaThey have THE BEST theme nights! Seriously, the best.


Amy’s Ice CreamMy favorite ice cream in the world! They have multiple locations but my favorite is on 6th and Lamar, right next to Lush and Waterloo (two of my favorite shopping spots). My regular order is a Mexican vanilla with Reese’s PB cups.

Dolce NeveMy favorite gelato outside of the country of Italy. The location is super cute, plus while you’re there you can run over to the “Welcome to Austin” mural and snap a pic!

Gourdough’s Big. Fat. DonutsI was conflicted about whether to include this one in dessert because honestly, these are big enough to be an entire meal. Take a look at their menu and you’ll see why. I always order the Miss Shortcake donut.

Hey Cupcake: Red velvet deliciousness! Love these big cupcakes so much!


The DomainFor shops ranging from high end luxury like Louis Vuitton and Lilly Pulitzer to your regular mall spots like American Eagle Outfitters and PacSun. They also have some great eating spots.

Waterloo RecordsIf you’re a vinyl aficionado, like me, take a little stop into Waterloo for some shopping. They have a great selection of music!

Luxe ApothetiqueMy favorite boutique, and an Austin original. They sell lots of great local goods that would make for good souvenirs. There’s one location at The Domain and another downtown (on 2nd street).

Quirky Austin Things to Do

Hang out at Zilker ParkZilker is Austin’s biggest park, and every fall for two weekends it’s the site of the Austin City Limits music festival. It’s a great for dogwatching, kiteflying, and just hanging out.

Take a dip in Barton SpringsWhen the heat’s getting the best of you in Austin, go for swim in this amazing spring-fed pool! The water is around 68-70 degrees year round, and honestly I’ve never been able to get in without feeling like I’m going to freeze to death. But it’s refreshing to dip your feet in at the least!

Batwatching at the Congress Avenue BridgeAt sunset every night during the warmer months you can watch the world’s largest urban bat colony wake up for the night and fly out by the millions to go hunt and cut down the city’s bug population. It’s an amazing to watch this contrast of the natural world set to the background of urban Austin.

Rent a kayak or stand up paddleboard on Town Lake: Get two birds with one stone and do this around sunset, then go station yourself beneath the bat bridge!

Summit Mount Bonnell: Ever wanted to climb a mountain? Do it here! But keep in mind that in Texas our idea of mountains is little different. Mount Bonnell is about 775 feet above sea level… But it’s a good little hike! You get one of the best views of Austin from a more secluded spot.

Texas State CapitolEverything’s bigger in Texas. Even our capitol building. By 14 feet to be exact. That’s right, we beat out the US Capitol for that one. The grounds around the building are a great place to hang out and have a picnic on a cooler day. You can take a free tour of the building, which I always enjoy.

Peter Pan Mini GolfAll mini golf places are slightly run down and falling apart, it’s kind of their charm. Peter Pan is an Austin original. And if it’s your thing, you can BYO alcoholic beverage of choice.

Cathedral of Junk: An awesome art oddity hidden in the backyard of a pretty quiet neighborhood in South Austin.

Lucy in Disguise With DiamondsI love this store. It’s a great place to find vintage clothes, costumes, and everything along those lines. If you don’t need anything in that department, it’s always just fun to go wander the aisles. Plus, who doesn’t love a good punny business name?!

Basically everything on South Congress: My favorite area to pass the time in Austin. Good food, drinks, and shopping all in one area.

Catch a concert: It doesn’t have to be a big, famous band. But there’s always a band playing somewhere in Austin. It is the live music capital of the world after all.

Uncommon Objects: A great place to sift through oddities of all kinds. And it’s all for sale!

Events at Alamo DrafthouseThese movie theaters serve food, drinks, and host some awesome events like quote alongs and sing alongs! I’ve been to a Moulin Rouge sing along and it was a blast. Check out the different locations and see what they’re hosting during your visit.

Street Art

HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Greetings from Austin Mural

I Love You So Much Mural

You’re My Butter Half Mural

6th Street Mural

‘Til Death Do Us Part Mural

La Calavera Catrina Wall at the Mexic-Arte Museum

Hi, How Are You? Mural

Getting Around

MetroRail: If you’re planning on staying outside of downtown to keep costs down, take the MetroRail to get to the city centre and avoid traffic (which is horrrrrible in Austin).

B-Cycle: If you’re just looking to get around downtown, get a 24 hour pass for this bike share program. You get the pass, and then you can “check out” a bike for 30 minutes. In theory, you should be able to bike to your next stop within this time period. If not, just stop somewhere halfway, return your bike, and immediately check one out again. Once you get to your final destination, check your bike back in to the station and go about your business. Then when you leave, do it all over again.

I’d like to hear about your favorite spots in Austin, too! Let me know any of your recommendations or favorites.

Happy Wanderlusting, friends!

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