13 Ways to be a Responsible Traveler

I know traveling isn’t the most eco-friendly hobby. Air travel has actually been called the biggest carbon sin of all. I try my hardest to live an eco-conscious lifestyle and am working towards the very ambitious goal of going zero waste, and it’s really hard (if not impossible) to fit this passion of mine into both of those categories. Despite this challenge, how can we still be good environmental stewards? How can you make the effort to go above and beyond to be a responsible traveler? Here are some ways (both big and small) we can travel responsibly and live this love for the land even when adventuring. Continue reading

Guest Post: Margarite’s Mexico City Faves

Here’s a special guest post, brought to you by my very own mom! Earlier this year she went on a birthday trip to Mexico City and has been raving about it ever since. My parents, Matt, and I were supposed to go for Dia de los Muertos this year, but due to some unforseen circumstances, we’ve had to postpone until early spring 2018. I thought it would be cool to include some content from my mom on here since she is the reason I am so filled with wanderlust. Here’s what she has to say about her Mexico City adventures. Continue reading

Friday Fives: Sep 8, 2017

I’m not a full-time traveler, as most of you know. I work full time at a 9-5(ish) job I adore, I own a home where I live with my husband and fur baby. I didn’t (and never will) sell all my worldly possessions, swap my walk in closet for a backpack, and buy a one-way ticket across the world. I have no desire to. It’s just not what I am called to do.

Because of this, I sometimes struggle to find topics to write about. I want to share more of my own day-to-day life, but have always been unsure of how to incorporate it into the travel themed blog I have created. But I think I finally have a solution! Starting today, I will be posting  “Friday Fives” every now and then to give y’all a glimpse into what I’m working on, what I’m loving, what I’m feeling, etc. Mostly travel related of course. Continue reading

How to Pack for a Winter Trip to Canada

Lately the temps in Houston have been climbing into the 90s. And with humidity on top of that, the heat index has been sitting over 100°F. To say I am ready for cooler temperatures is an understatement. These dog days of summer have me dreaming back to Canadian winter. That’s how hot it is, I am seriously fantasizing about those -15°F mornings in Calgary. Oh, Texas.

A year ago Matt and I were purchasing our flights to Canada, and starting to plan out our trip. We knew that as Texans, we were not properly equipped with adequate winter wear. I had spent many years of my life in Germany, but after I moved to the US at age 16 I had no use for snow gear, so my parents got rid of it after a few years. We put together a list and slowly started to acquire our winter gear. Here’s what we packed for our holiday trip to Banff. Continue reading