Playlist: Roadtrip Across the Southwest


So you’re planning a roadtrip. You’re going to be in a car for hours and hours and hours, with nothing but the good ol’ open road before you. [With many stops in between of course] That sounds like my kind of trip! You’re probably going to want a good playlist to keep you sane, entertained, and set the mood.

The backdrop of the American Southwest is beautiful and dramatic. The desert is stunning, and I drew inspiration from it to make my playlist for this trip. These were the songs we had on repeat for my adventure through Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Even now, when I listen to them (at home, at work, during my commute) I get this intense feeling of nostalgia and I’m transported to the painted desert. You’ll notice there’s a lot of Lord Huron and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Their music was the perfect soundtrack in itself, but I tried my hardest to branch out beyond their albums.

So, here y’all go! Hopefully this music will set the mood for your roadtrip, transport you back to some good memories of time well spent in the deserts of the Southwest, or maybe even just allow you to have a nice jam session at home. There’s only 3 hours and 21 minutes worth of music on this playlist so, while you’re definitely welcome to listen to this on loop for the entirety of your trips, I’d love for y’all to tell me what songs you’d add to your “Roadtrip Across the Southwest” playlist!

Check  out my itinerary for a roadtrip across the Southwest here! Hopefully this playlist will get you excited for a trip out to see my favorite area of America!

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