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Big Bend Day Trips

When Matt and I were planning our trip out to Big Bend National Park, we knew we wanted to knock out some other attractions in the area because hey, when in west Texas right? This region of Texas is so remote, and there are so many little gems to be discovered out there, so we decided to tack some on to our itinerary. Here are some towns and attractions we visited which would make great Big Bend day trips! Continue reading

Know Before You Go: Big Bend

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Big Bend is one the largest national parks in the United States. At over 800,000 acres, it’s roughly the size of Rhode Island! It’s also one of the least visited national parks, averaging only 300,000 visitors per year. By comparison, Great Smoky Mountains National Park averages 11 million visitors per year, and the Grand Canyon has 5.9 million. The area has many unique activities and sights to experience, but planning for a trip there can be a little complicated due to a lack of information online (which stems from it being one of the least visited parks). So to help y’all out with any trip planning you may be doing, here are 26 things to know before you go: Big Bend edition. Continue reading

48(ish) Hours in NYC

A few months ago my best friend, Marilyn, and I somehow discovered the fact that Brendan Urie was making his Broadway debut in Kinky Boots. So naturally, we planned an entire trip to NYC around it!

Thanks to some conveniently timed birthdays, airline miles, and nice parents, we were able to get cheap flights. And thanks to an amazing childhood friend of Marilyn’s, we were able to stay for free at an amazing apartment next to Union Square.

We arrived in New York at approximately 4pm on Friday and departed for the airport around 4pm on Sunday. In total we had about 48 hours in the city. We knew we’d have to be going going going in order to make the most out of our trip.

Here’s how we spent 48(ish) hours in NYC! Continue reading

Itinerary: A Long Weekend in Chicago

So Matt and I wanted to plan a big trip for April/May of this year, but we made the decision to purchase a home instead, which meant we had to put trip plans on hold. But we knew we wouldn’t be able to make it without some kind of getaway to satisfy our wanderlust. We decided a long weekend in Chicago would be the perfect solution!

We flew in early on a Saturday and flew out on Tuesday afternoon, giving us about 3.5 days to explore this amazing city. Here’s how we spent our time. Continue reading

A Quick Trip Home

It’s been about two weeks since my last post, I’ve definitely been slacking on my blogging. But for [kind of] a good reason. I was visiting home for a little over a week! The other week I was just straight slacking, so yeah. Work has been crazy for me lately, so can you really blame me?


I went home for a little over a week and it was wonderful. I hadn’t been home in over two years, so I really needed it. But while the trip was a nice little getaway, it definitely wasn’t a vacation. My parents and I both had a lot of family business to take care of, but we still found time to do/see our favorite things around the bay.

For me, there a few absolutely necessary itinerary items for when I go home:

  • Quality time in the redwood forests
  • A scenic drive down to Bixby Creek Bridge
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium

This visit I made 3/3 and then some, so I’d call it a success! Here are the highlights of my trip. Continue reading

My Favorites: Austin, Texas

Welcome to the Live Music Capital of the World! And one of my favorite cities ever!

I always cringe a little bit when people say that Austin is “mostly known” and/or only good for its nightlife. There is soooo much more to the city!

It’s hard to narrow down a lot of these categories because there is so much in Austin! I haven’t been able to try the majority of the most famous food/dessert places, bars, shops, and other activities in the city, so here I listed the places that are tried and true to me. Continue reading